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тест по английскому языку состоит из 96 вопросов и позволяет определить уровень от Beginner до Upper-Intermediate.
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на выполнение теста - 30 минут.
из 4 приведенных вариантов необходимо выбрать один правильный ответ.
Задания построены по принципу "от простого к сложному".
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 Choose the correct variant (Выберите правильный ответ).

 1. Maria _______ Brazilian.
is     am     are     be

 2. Paul`s studying medicine because he wants to be a _______________.
lawyer     teacher     doctor     builder 

 3.Jim ________ got a car. 
doesn`t      hasn`t      isn`t      haven`t  

 4. John is _________ brother.
Peter`s     Peter      of Peter     Peter his

 5. What`s your ___________ sport?
important      favourite     beautiful     nice

 6. Excuse me. __________ time, please?
You have the     What is     Have you got the     What

 7. What time _________ get up in the morning?
you     are you     you do     do you

 8. I usually _________ at the supermarket on Saturday mornings.
go for a drink     eat out     do sport     go shopping

 9. What __________ Mary for her birthday?
about buying     shall we buy     to buy     let`s

 10. My brother ________ in London.
live     lives      is lived     living

 11. _________ there a restaurant near here?
Are     Have     Do     Is

 12. Do you prefer to have a _________ or a bath in your bathroom?
shower     cooker     washing machine     fridge

 13. How _________ is the cheese sandwich please?
price     much     cost     money

 14. ________ the food like at that Indian restaurant you went to last night?
Did you     Was     What was     How did

 15. I like _________ because I like to laugh.
love stories     comedies     action films     science fiction films

 16. London is more ________ than Paris.
dangerous     bigger     cleaner     noisier

 17. _________ to go for a pizza this evening?
Do you like     What do you want     Would you rather     Would you like

 18. Look! It _____________ .
rains     raining     does rain     is raining

 19. Hello, _______ I speak to Jane please?.
can     will     do     am

 20. Peter loves giving presents, he`s very ____________.
selfish     shy     lazy     generous

 21. What`s ___________ ? You look upset.
bad     happen     matter     wrong

 22. If you do more exercise you will ___________ .
lose weight     stop to smoke     work less     have a holiday

 23. To get to the Post Office, __________ at the end of this road.
go along     go over     turn right      go past

 24. Bye, bye, George! __________ a nice weekend!
Make     Have     Do     Pass

 25. BILL   I really love football.
       JIM   ___________ .

Neither do I     So am I     So do I     Oh, do I

 26. I _________ 18 years old when I started my first job.
were     had     was     did

 27. I didn`t ___________ TV last night.
watched     watching     watch     not watched

 28. My grandfather was born eighty years _________ .
since     last     ago     before

 29. It was nice to meet you. See you ___________ , I hope.
later     more     always     longer

 30. Many people prefer jobs with flexible _____________.
working hours     office     salary     holiday pay

 31. I`m __________ sorry, but I can`t come to your party tonight.
much     awful     really     such

 32. John _________ his wife in 2004.
has met     met     did he met     was met

 33. I`m sure ___________ a great time at the party next Saturday.
we`ll have     we`re having     we have     we go to have

 34. How much time do you _________ doing your homework?
work     give     make     spend

 35. Are you going shopping? _____________ with you if you like.
I`ll come     I come     I`m coming     I can be coming

 36. Jane is the ___________ girl in her class.
richer     more popular     worse     happiest

 37. Excuse me, I __________ if you could show me the way to the train station?
would like     wonder     may ask     hope

 38. You shouldn`t ____________ a lady how old she is.
asked     ask     asking     to ask

 39. In England people usually ___________ hands when they first meet.
kiss     shake     take     put

 40. Hurry up or we`ll __________ our train!
lose     fail     catch     miss

 41. I was so ___________ yesterday because I fell asleep in class!
calm     nervous     guilty     embarrassed

 42. ___________ anything next Friday?
Do you     Do you do     Would you do     Are you doing

 43. Many types of watches ____________ in Switzerland.
are made     made     are making     is made

 44. I like these trousers but they don`t _________ me. They`re much too small!
suit     size     fit     match

 45. I ____________ my driving test last week, so now I`ll have to take it again.
passed     lost     failed     got

 46. SUSAN  I`ve got four sisters.
       RUTH    __________ you?

Do     Got     Are     Have

 47. What would you do if you _________ a million pounds?
win     would win     won     winning

 48. I`m trying to ___________ money to buy a new car.
save     waste     spend     lend

 49. You`re from Liverpool, ___________ ?
aren`t you     isn`t it     don`t you     you are

 50. You __________ to study hard if you want to pass your exams.
must     should     have     supposed

 51. I`m usually too _________ after work to go out.
furious     exhausted     fascinated     angry

 52. My parents ____________ married since 1985.
have been     are     were     got 

 53. If you go to London, the Tate Modern is really worth ___________  .
to see      seeing      to be seen      see  

 54. I _________ home yesterday when it started raining.
walked     was walking     have walked     have been walking

 55. John wants to be president of his company. He`s very __________ !
stubborn     responsible     ambitious     independent

 56. People say English people tend __________ rather reserved.
being     be     to be     do

 57. I try to ___________ my desk every day after work.
go trough     clear out     put away     tidy up

 58. The thing you open bottles with is _________ a bottle opener in English.
said     spoken     named     called

 59. Take your umbrella ___________ it rains.
unless     because     as     in case

 60. Could you ____________ me a favour please?
do     make     give     help

 61. In order to log on a computer you sometimes need to enter a ___________.
link     software     web site     password

 62. Many new houses ______________ in the town where I live.
build     have been building     are being built     are building 

 63.____________ to post that card to Pete. It`s his birthday tomorrow. 
If I were you, I`d      You should      Don`t forget      You`d better  

 64. I don`t know many people ___________ still smoke nowadays.
they     what     which     who

 65. Mary went to the party ____________ of her headache.
although     in spite     even though     despite

 66. I think I`ve got a cold. I can`t stop _____________.
to sneeze     sneezing     sneeze     the sneezing

 67. If you don`t know the meaning of a word you can ____________ in a dictionary.
get it out     point it out     look it up     come up with it

 68. ___________ I opened the window?
May     Would you mind if     Could     Do you mind

 69. My doctor ___________ me I should eat less meat.
told     spoke to     said     told to

 70. Peter __________ me to go to the theatre with him next week.
offered     invited     promised     suggested

 71. Sorry, I didn`t quite ___________ what you said.
catch     listen     take     know

 72. I wish I ___________ get up early every morning!
didn`t have to     mustn`t     hadn`t     wouldn`t have to

 73.Jane _________ from Cambridge University with a degree in Law.
graduated     passed      studied      qualified  

 74. Hi Jenny. How`s it ___________ ?
making     getting     going     doing

 75. I don`t smoke now, but I _________ smoke 20 a day!
am used to     used to     use to     was used to

 76. Paris is ____________ the Eiffel Tower.
famous for     impressed by     fascinated by     excited about

 77. If I _______ earlier, I wouldn`t have been late for work.
left     was leaving     had left     have left

 78. JACK  Would you like me to help you?
       SUE      No, it`s OK, but thanks _______________.

to offer     the offer     you offer     for offering

 79. The film sounded interesting, but it ___________ to be really boring.
worked out     took off     came round     turned out

 80. PETER    I`ve just won a million pounds!
       BILL       You must ___________!
joke     be joking     make a joke     joking

 81. This time next week I __________ on the beach on holiday!
will go to see     am sitting     will sit     will be sitting

 82. One argument __________ not smoking is that you save a lot of money.
in favour of     to agree with     it`d be better if     to make you 

 83.I have never __________ to Scotland. 
been going      went      been      going  

 84. _________ my advice!
Listen     Hear     Take     Do

 85. It`s usually cheaper to call a ____________ than a mobile phone.
voicemail     ring tone     landline     network

 86. Sorry to bother you, but ___________ I could have a word with you?
I wonder     it is possible     I would like     I was wondering if

 87. I`m going to ask my bank for a ________ to redecorate the kitchen.
credit     loan     saving     debt

 88. ANDREW     I`m sorry I`m late.
       DAVID         It ____________ !
doesn`t matter     matters     never mind     alright

 89. I was __________ tired last night that I felt asleep on the sofa.
very     too     so     such

 90. Do you fancy _________ away for the weekend?
to go     go     going     we go 

 91. How often do you have ______________?
your hair cut     cut your hair     got your hair cut     hair cut

 92. My husband is useless at home. He can`t even __________ a light-bulb!
change     put up     fix     dry-clean 

 93.What ___________ me about Steve is that he`s always late! 
bores     annoys      hates      dislikes  

 94. By 2020 I believe we will _______________ a settlement on Mars.
have built     have been building     be built     been built

 95. It`s difficult to ___________ a living with a part-time job.
get     make     work     do

 96. I haven`t got my keys. I___________ them at home.
should have left     must leave     couldn`t leave     must have left

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